Expectations regarding Brexit …

2021-09-04T16:08:20+02:00 18 de September de 2017|Tags: , |

In the short term, the Brexit decision will have a negative impact on M&A in the rest of 2016 derived from the uncertainty regarding the collaboration model with the EU, bilateral negotiations of the countless trade agreements in force and the deadlines for the implementation of Brexit. Another immediate consequence

Awaiting the M&A boom

2021-09-04T16:07:08+02:00 15 de September de 2017|Tags: , |

After a low start to the year in the number and value of M&A transactions, derived from the uncertainty in the markets, the effect of Brexit, the slowdown of the Chinese economy, among others, a period of strong recovery is expected, derived from interest rates negatives and the generosity of

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