Grafton Corporate Development advises Soldene, a leading facility services company, on its inorganic growth strategy

• The M&A firm has executed four acquisitions for Soldene in the last 14 months.

• Closed operations allow its client to diversify into private clients and have been carried out in the main cities of Spain.

Madrid, October 19, 2017- Grafton Corporate Development; firm specialized in the execution of corporate operations, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), advises Soldene, a leading company in facility services, in its inorganic growth strategy in Spain, mainly of companies that serve private clients.

Since in 2016, Grafton Corporate Development advised Soldene on the first acquisition of Servisent, in Barcelona, ​​the firm has executed three more operations in companies dedicated to cleaning and maintenance of buildings and offices. Currently, progress is being made with the acquisition of at least four more companies in different negotiation phases.

Throughout this acquisition process, Grafton Corporate Development has directed the search, identification and assessment of possible target companies for Soldene, having filtered dozens of companies until finding the target companies that fit the required strategic profile. Currently, progress is being made with the acquisition of at least four more companies in different negotiation phases.

The new acquisitions of Soldene are located in Madrid, La Alberca, S.A., Valencia ASSA Soluciones Integrales de Cleaning, S.L. and Barcelona, ​​GR Neteges, S.L., confirming the territorial expansion of the company. Juan Manuel Esteban, CEO of Soldene, points out that “in such a fragmented sector and with such fierce competition, organic growth is very difficult, which is why we have opted for a policy of acquisitions throughout the national territory. Grafton Corporate Development services have been essential to address these processes successfully ” Ulises Vegas, Managing Director of Grafton Corporate Development, points out that “the operations carried out for Soldene are a good example of how it is possible to be successful in a well-structured acquisition program. In this case, there have been three important events: a client with a clear growth project, a sector with consolidation potential and a situation of certain economic stability that favors this type of transaction ”.

More information Grafton Corporate Development was founded more than a decade ago by Ulises Vegas, current Managing Director of the company. Its clients are multinationals, financial investors, private groups and family businesses in a wide range of sectors and areas of activity, mainly in middle-market companies. Grafton specializes in the execution of complex strategic projects, such as inorganic growth planning, company search and acquisition programs, company sales assignments, investor identification, integration plans, assistance in transactions, valuations and due diligence, among others.

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