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The COVID-19 outbreak is causing a huge impact in the people, families, communities and corporates.

Taking into account the security and health of your employees is a priority, the efficient management of incidents in order to minimise associated negative impacts, but the changing and unpredictable of the coming changes, is wise to work in business outlook to mitigate its effects on you company.

The impact of COVID-19 is still uncertain and very difficult to estimate. While some sectors as food & beverage industry or healthcare are in a high demand, others will enter in a slow down o forced hibernation to a temporarily business close down.

The main areas to be focused on would be

  • Business Crisis planning

  • Corporate Finance

  • Effects by changes on tax and law rules

  • Strategy Post COVID-2019

Business Crisis planning

  • Operational protection planning
  • Business realistic forecasts
  • Assessments on the possible impact of an interruption in parts of the value chain (suppliers or clients
  • Set the Target Operating Model (TOM)

Corporate Finance

  • Identify the most critical business areas which can be affected
  • Preserve and ensure the liquidity, starting dealings to finance to restructure debt (creditors or financial entities)
  • Cash planning and cash-management
  • Execute non-core carve-outs to generate extra cash

Effects by changes on tax and law rules

  • Support and access to the packages from Government
  • Jobs dismissal legal procedures (temporary or permanent)
  • Changes on terms of the Insolvency Law in place
  • Corporate legal advice

Strategy Post COVID-2019

  • Shareholders situation
  • Carve-outs or Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures / Alliances / Mergers
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